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Richard and Erica Valladolid are the owners of Val Web Creations. Their talents and love for the horse come together as a talented design and marketing team. Their work has made a big splash across the horse industry and some of it can be seen in this website, and in the many websites they have created. Val Web Creations has become a one stop shop for marketing in the industry. They do it all: photography, video production, graphics design and websites.

Richard has a bachelor's degree in Graphics Design, and Erica has a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. Combined they have over 30 years experience in web and graphics design. Their attention to detail and quality stemmed from their time in the U.S. Air Force, where both excelled in their fields.

Richard and Erica were high school sweethearts. They met in Kodiak, Alaska and moved to Mobile, AL where Erica joined the Air Force. Two years later, Richard joined the Air Force. They were stationed at the Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB in Nebraska. Nebraska is where they bought their first Saddlebred horse.

Vivian ValladolidRichard and Erica have a daughter, Vivian Lynne. Richard refers to her as the "Lead" designer! She is often found on one of their laps in front of the computer supervising her parents work.

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